Why Trident?

First and foremost, Trident is veteran-owned and operated. We have a passion for serving veterans because so many of us are veterans. But it doesn't end there.​

Marty Medve, founder of Trident, went to the United States Naval Academy and flew the EA-6B Prowler before starting Trident Home Loans and becoming a commercial airline pilot. I went to the United States Air Force Academy, am an Air National Guard officer, and have served in four combat deployments and numerous worldwide bomber task forces flying the B-2 and KC-10. The vast majority of my Trident colleagues either served in the military or are family members or dear friends of veterans. We also have many commercial airline pilots, including myself, who know the complexity of pilot contracts.

Military service and knowing the airline lingo isn’t enough, however: it’s our passion, reputation, and our industry-leading statistics that earn us our place at the top.​

Passion: the entire Trident Team is steadfast in our commitment to caring for our customers. This means offering the best personal service - answering emails, phone calls, and texts personally in real-time - and, of course, offering the best rates while being transparent throughout the entire process.

Reputation: Trident’s borrowers know our reputation is impeccable, which is why our marketing is largely based on simple customer referrals. We are the #1 VA-preferred lender in every military forum online, with hundreds of 5-star Google reviews.​

Statistics: 80% of our loans are VA loans; 10% are conventional loans with veteran borrowers. We process over 3,000 loans per year and are licensed in almost every state. Our team also boasts four of the top VA loan officers in the Nation out of a field of more than 555,000 - including our founder, who holds the #1 spot.​Trident isn’t your average lender. We promise the same attention, values, and dedication as any top-notch lender. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continue serving you.​

Spencer Wartman

NMLS 2109932